Murphey’s Midnight Rounders - “It's Up To You”

 © Bradley Murphey 2016 BMI All Rights Reserved

Murphey's Midnight Rounders is:
Brad Murphey
Teresa Frank

Josh "Chef" Lueth
Kari Crow
Jan Atwood

 I don't believe you anymore

You've shown me what you have in store

The words you speak are less important

Than the deeds you do

Drain the water, frack the clay

And carry all the wealth away

Hastening your own decay

It's up to you


Sell our land that you preserved give us elusive dreams

Riches in the earth are more important than the streams

You dig into the mother's bones

And base your worth upon her stones

Protected in your fancy homes

From seeing truth

(The) Equality you say you meet's

Found only on the balance sheet

It's just another way to cheat

It's up to you


You say if I protect my land (it's a) terroristic threat

(but the) Grass is only greener now on your side of the fence

It's up to you


You copyright your GMOs

A farmer don't own what he sows

You tell him that's just how it goes

You'll have to sue

Legally you have the might (but)

Legally don't mean it's right (do you)

Think that power is your birthright

It's up to you


How can we sustain our land and keep the country free

If by our very birth we're owned by a corporate entity

You steal our farms to move your crude

They're now unfit for growing food

And fishing waters you pollute

For profit you've accrued


Starve humanity because

Being poor means having flaws

You're protected by your laws

It's up to you


Burn the skin off mother earth and fill the sky with dread

Your bank account won't mean a thing when we all wind up dead

It's up to you

Brad Murphey – Guitar and everything else
Teresa Frank – Djembe, Bodhrane, Mandolin, Bass
Josh “Chef” Lueth – Bass, Guitar, Violin, Mandolin
Kari Crow - Guitar, Bass, Djembe
Jeanette “Mom” Atwood – Washboard, and hand percussion

Murphey’s Midnight Rounders are the Midwest' masters of harmonious rock-folk fusion magik!

It’s a fresh musical take on the concept of liberty. MMR has been described as a cross between the Grateful Dead, the Andrews sisters, and Fleetwood Mac. With that visual in mind, the MMRcomes across as honest, refreshing and magickal. Brad Murphey has distinguished himself as a versatile songwriter, arranger and guitarist. Original songs,

such as, "Tom's Song" and "Soul of the Nation," are soulful fragments of lost dreams. Others, such as

"Third Bombay" and "Uncle Chronic," give us insights into his twisted sense of humor. Brad is a

‘by-product’ of Northwestern College Conservatory, where he focused on classical composition and conducting. Playing mandolin, bass, djembe and bodhrane is Teresa Frank. Her voice lends a silky texture to MMR’ s harmonies. Music has always been a part of Teresa's life; starting when she was a tiny girl. Singing, dancing, or playing; it was always there. Teresa plants a garden in the spring, and then ignores it because she's on the road. After retiring from the corporate world Jeanette Atwood decided to fulfill her desire to be “independently wealthy and travel”. The travel part has been realized the last four years , traveling with the band playing washboard and hand percussion. She is our Road Mom and Washboard Player and occasional comedian on stage. She is still working on the “independently wealthy”. Josh (Chef) Lueth is an all-around musician who plays Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar and Violin. He's been the bass player for Murphey's Midnight Rounders for 4 years. We have been fortunate to have him in our family. Along with being a member of the Rounders, he is also a member of the band, Jeez Louise on the West Coast. Kari Crow realized her desires to be a part of music at the ripe age of 15 when she discovered modern folk music. After finding her voice, she has musically pursued everything anyone was willing to teach her, including bass, djembe, guitar, and mandolin, as well as being an avid songwriter. Being a gypsy storyteller at her heart, she enjoys weaving musical tales around the campfire just as much as performing up on a stage.